Proper wiring is an essential first phase to installing a home automation system, so that all of your devices can communicate with each other seamlessly. Home automation systems generally function best with structured wiring, which delivers the best network speed, configurability, ability to troubleshoot and consistent signal quality. All very important to the performance and stability of any automation system.


Prepare your home for your technology needs with wire to all the important areas.

  • Extended wifi network with Cat5 to 5  locations

  • Networking to all TV and desktop computer locations for higher quality streaming throughout your house

  • Loudspeaker wiring to kitchen, dining, living, master bed, and bath

  • Cat6 to 8 surveillance camera locations

Prewire (Gold)

  • Cat-5e or Cat-6 wire for Computer Networking, Media Distribution, VOIP Telephony, and Remote Control
  • Coaxial Cable for Cable or Satellite TV
  • HDMI over Cat6 cable using HDBaseT
  • Loudspeaker Wire
  • Surveillance wire
  • Shielded Wire for outdoor audio distribution
  • Structured Wire
  • Telephone Wire