Enhance your home entertainment experience by creating the most realistic theatrical listening experience ever possible.  No home theater is complete without an HD projector and 7.2.2 surround sound system.  We will customize your system with optimal hardware from hi-fi brands including Paradigm® and SONOS®.


This Home Theater Package includes one HD Projector and 145" screen, three wall mounted speakers, three pairs of rear FX speakers, and a Control4 automation kit with tabletop touch panel.


The Listen Hear Home Entertainment experience:

  • Add your surround sound system to your distributed home audio system to sync your streaming music in your surround system and the rest of your house.
  • Control all your devices from your Control4® remotes or app from any smart device.e.
  • Mount your TV with a fixed, tilt, or swivel mount for ultimate flexibility..
  • Hide your devices and wires so the screen is all you see.

Home Theater (Gold)


Projector and Screen

  • 1 HD Projector with mount and 145" screen

7.2.2 Surround Sound with Paradigm Pro speakers

  • 7.2 Channel AV receiver
  • 3 wall-mounted speakers
  • 3 pairs rear effect speakers
  • 2 Subwoofers

Control4 Automation Kit

  • Control4 EA3 controller
  • Control4 Tabletop Touchpanel